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“Financial Success doesn’t start in your wallet.” These are Jacquette Timmons words of wisdom to anyone willing to make positive changes in how they think about money. In today’s market environment, it is more important than ever to have a healthy mindset about your choices regarding money, but sometimes it leaves you scratching your head. What does it take to feel confident about the money choices you are making? It seems the answers might lie in your behavior.
Jacquette is a Financial Behaviorist, meaning she makes a point to study people’s behavior and the motivations behind it. Through speaking, writing, and creative approaches to coaching, Jacquette helps clients not just change their mindset about money, but their behaviors as well. To that end, she will show you not just how to manage your money, but manage your choices.
Learn a Financial Behaviorist’s tools of the trade.
See how the financial crisis of 1987 impacted Jacquette’s outlook on finances.
Personal finance is a relatively new study.
How an increase in understanding of human behavior has led to an increased understanding of personal finance.
A discussion of the problems of the Law of Attraction.
The need for a plan of action.
How workshops and keynote speeches can pave the way to a new money mindset.
How is personal finance like going to the doctor?
Jacquette explains her coaching practice.
Learn to challenge your behavioral biases.

Finance for Normal People by Meir Statman
Financial Intimacy by Jacquette Timmons

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“We are always operating from a source of strength and power, even if you don’t like the circumstances you are in at the moment.”

“You don’t just manage your money. You manage your choices.”