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America Talks Money – Kirk DuPlessis

Today’s guest, Kirk DuPlessis of Option Alpha, explains some really difficult concepts in an easy way for you to understand. He also talks about Option alpha and what you can learn there, at absolutely no cost! Listen in and find out what Kirk has to share with you today!

Kirk, who has a finance degree, started out working on Wall Street, as an Investment Banker. With the demanding hours, however, he quickly realised that it wasn’t for him. So he became a REIT Analyst for a short time, but he decided to leave, as he found he had no real passion for that either. Then, about eight years ago, he started trading for himself. He began sharing his journey online and started a Google Blog, where he posted his decisions, trades and thoughts. People started asking questions and so he began to put together some videos and courses. One thing lead to another and now he has a really nice community of people, who are both learning and educating. This is Option Alpha, which is really a platform to help to educate people. What makes them different, however, is that they don’t charge for any of the education or the training. Listen in now, as Kirk explains all about how to be successful, with Options Trading.

Today, Kirk talks to Kate about:

Why there is no need for Option Alpha to charge anything for their education or training that they offer.
How they are monetizing Option Alpha.
His thoughts on people using Institutional Methods for trading.
What Kirk really does, at Option Alpha.
What Warren Buffet does with Options Trading and Insurance in the US.
That Options Trading is very much like selling insurance.
How you can control the risk, with Options Trading.
Why Options Trading is superior to buying stocks.
Some things that the newbie to Options Trading really needs to know.


Kirk’s website:


“By nature, I am an Options Seller.”

“I say that I sell insurance in the Stock Market.”

“I consider myself a long term investor in the options trading space.”