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Kim Laughton, is President of Schwab Charitable, a non-profit, donor-advised fund provider established with the support of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. to make charitable giving simpler and more tax-efficient for clients. She is responsible for the general management of Schwab Charitable and the fulfillment of its charitable mission, setting strategy and priorities and ensuring all contractual obligations and goals are met. She’s here today to show us how to link your investment strategy with your tax strategy. Your investments can help reduce your tax bill in certain situations. You can even donate your required minimum IRA distribution. It’s Tax Day, so everyone is thinking about their taxes, but truthfully, thinking about taxes long before Tax Day will help you maximize your tax due.

  • Charitable giving is a very flexible way to reduce your taxes.
  • How donating appreciable investments can allow you to give 20% more than usual.
  • Only a qualified 501(c)3 can accept these sorts of charitable donations.
  • Donations made for a tax perspective can be made into a Donor Advised fund, and donations can be made later from the fund. It separates the tax decision from the giving decision.
  • What you need to pay attention to in any Individual Tax Reform Legislation
  • Now is the time to start looking at your tax situation longer term than just from one year to the next.
  • An accountant or investment advisor can help you plan your tax strategy.
  • Who is eligible for the $100K Required Minimum Distribution
  • The tax benefits and savings from donating your RMD to charity