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Today we’re diving deep into the vault and airing this fantastic conversation with an amazing financial mind! He’s and author, speaker, and financial advisor. He is Beau Henderson, and his book is The Rich Life: Ten Investments for True Wealth.

What You’ll Hear from Beau:
•We must blend the principles of money and real-life into “Functional Financial Planning.”
•“A Rich Life” boils down to what people value, connect to, and what “lights” them up.
•Media that Beau uses most? Radio and Audible for reading books
•About his decision points early in his life, Beau says, “I’m the poster child for learning lessons from messing up!”
•Beau has a unique perspective of looking at life as a school curriculum that we have to repeat until we pass.
•An attitude of gratitude!
•“Life School”—how this realization hit Beau with a seven-figure debt!
•Beau learned the priceless lessons of risk, relationships, partnerships, and survival.
•“I was determined to learn the lesson and be better for it.”
•Listen to hear about the turning point that brought him face to face with reality.
•“Don’t pursue wealth, but view it as a tool to create a meaningful life.”
•Beau’s focus is to build something that has a legacy to it.
•He has a partnership with Junior Achievement in a financial literacy course for kids.
•Today’s kids have less savings and more debt than their parents!
•Experiential learning is necessary to be a good financial advisor.
•Everyone should be talking about money!
•“Being an ostrich with your head in the sand is a BAD financial plan!”
•Get clarity and be honest about where you are with your money right now—KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!